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SeaGate Veterinary Hospital
Providing Peace of Mind Since 1976

  Providing Peace of Mind for You & Your Lovely Companion Since 1976                                                                 

Following are our People with a brief intro for each. We are so proud of our People & because of them and their genuine care for our Clients, SeaGate Veterinary Hospital was awarded the prestigious Yelp award for 2017. We earned it through hard work and dedication to care & quality of services for each and everyone of our valued Clients and we strive to continue on our tradition since 1976.

Dr. Eddie Houshangi, DVM & MPVM
Following intro is from our beloved Dr. Kechen Chang, the previous owner of Seagate who with his wife Alice worked here for over 30 years.

"Dr. K. Eddie Houshangi, DVM MPVM is a graduate of University of California, Davis with Master degree in Preventive Veterinary Medicine in addition to his Doctorate in Veterinarian science. He has been practicing veterinary medicine in southern CA since 2013 and has achieved great experiences by working with a good number of well known specialists and board certified veterinarians making him a knowledgeable, experienced & caring doctor for all of your pet companion needs. 

My wife and I have gratefully enjoyed working with all of you over the years, and we strongly encourage you to continue to use Sea Gate Veterinary Hospital and enjoy the same quality of services from Dr. Eddie Houshangi.   

I am happy to have Dr. Eddie Houshangi to continue caring for your pets."

K. Eddie Mehrfar, Business, Ph.D.
My passion for pets & the unconditional Love you see in their innocent eyes when you do something for them, even just a simple touch was the main motivation for me to get involved with Sea Gate Veterinary Hospital a dba of Care Our Pets Inc. 

You mostly see our great staff below and our highly competent & skillful Dr. above and seldom of me. I am in a support role & behind the scene taking care of investments & business aspect of Sea Gate.  Please do not hesitate to contact us 24x7 at your own convenience by emailing (ClientCare@CareOurPets.com) &/or calling or texting to our main phone # (714-846-4436) 

We all look forward to see You & your lovely Companion at the Hospital & to continue providing high quality care, for which Sea Gate Veterinary Hospital is well known since 1976.

Chery Pena
Hello my name is Chery Pena. I am a veterinary technician at sea gate vet hospital. I graduated from Carrington College Vet Tech program in 2014 with an Associates Degree. I plan on taking my exam soon to get my RVT license. 

I enjoy working with animals and love that my job allows me to care for them. I have fur babies of my own Kobe (English Bulldog) and Daisy (French Bulldog). I look forward to meeting your fur babies.

Diana Rojas
Hello! My Name is Diana. I am a 22 year old who attends California State University. This would be last year attending. I will soon be majoring in Health Science. I am the first in my family to graduate from college. Some people ask why I am majoring in Health Science if my passion is to work with animals. My answer is very simple: “Health is very important, whether it is for your furry baby or for yourself. 

Knowing how to maintain a healthy life can be challenging at times and especially if we have to depend on others for it, like our pets. Our pets depend on us for everything, and if the owner knows how important it is to stay healthy, then they are most likely going to do the same with their pets.

Ever since I was small, I knew I wanted to work with animals. I find it very satisfying to know that I did something to either help a pet get better or maintain their great health. Our pets are very grateful and loving. We should what we can to keep them around as long as possible. 

My long term goal is to become a Veterinarian and although it would take quite some time, my passion for animals is what is going to help me get through it, along with a lot of coffee. In a couple years, and if the universe permits, I would like to have my own hospital to run and help those pet owners, with low income, or low resources, keep their family pet healthy. 

Marina De Jonge
Hi, my name is Marina de Jonge and I'm 21 years old. I've had pets all my life and have always had a passion for helping animals in need. My whole life I've always helped strays and hurt animals. 

There is nothing more important to me to help you and your pet have a great visit at our hospital and give you the best service we possibly can. 

There is nothing too big or too small that I won't try and help achieve for you. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and we can meet each other soon!


Wendy Sanchez
Hello, my name is Wendy Sanchez and here is a little bit about myself. I am 20 years old and born in Orange County, California, July 29, 1996. I am currently enrolled at Golden West College with an undecided major. I graduated Westminster High School, class of 2014. 

All my life I always had a 4 legged best friend, so my love and care for animals is very strong. I always love know how to care for them myself, so when I heard an opening at Sea Gate Veterinary Hospital I jumped right on it. 

When I see some of our patients come in sick and then in less then a week seeing them back to their energetic happy self, it makes me so happy. My relationship with our animals is important to me, so I always try my best to not only earn their trust, but their owners trust as well. 

As I work here, I hope to build a strong relationship towards all of our patients and clients and most of all keep learning new things about the Veterinary field itself. Thank you for taking the time to reading about me and my thoughts on how we can help each other understand one another.

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