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Medicines are one of the mainstays of health care and in Sea Gate Veterinary Hospital we are committed to take care of your pet's health. In our website, we try to provide most of prescribed and over the counter (OTC) medicines including flea and parasite preventive meds, vitamins and minerals supplements, joint supplements, shampoo and skin care products with reasonable prices. As you notice, however, we are more than an online pharmacy. Here, we care about your time and money and above all your petís health. 

If you are unsure of symptoms or diseases your pet may have, you may find the disease signs in our Facebook page, either published by us or posted by other pet owners like you and then find the appropriate medicine or approach to take care of your pet. 

Of course, you can always call our licensed veterinarian technicians & our staff and they will do their best to help you & your pet over the phone. 





















Diets and foods are one of the most important parts of petís health. We committed to provide the high quality diet for pets to make them happy. Here you can find most of prescribed diet which is necessary for certain internal diseases as well as commercial regular foods. If you are unsure of type of food your pet should eat, basically browse through FAQ part or ask it from our vet and get the answer soon. 


























Itís hard to imagine our lovely pet suffer pain by having some unfit or uncomfortable supplies! As we care about our clothes and style, our pet should have the privilege of nice convenient supplies. Just take a second and browse through different supplies such as leashes, collars, shirts, toys, muzzles and etc.

















































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